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Frozen 2 has been officially announced by Disney.

迪士尼(Disney)官方消息,《冰雪奇缘2》(Frozen 2)终于要来了。

A sequel to the smash hit film was hotly anticipated by fans and largely expected, but it has now been confirmed that the movie is in development.


'Forecast: Winter weather ahead! @DisneyAnimation developing #Frozen2 with Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee,' the official Disney page tweeted on Thursday.

迪士尼官方推特在3月12日发推文称:“天气预报:‘冬天’要来了!#迪士尼动画正与导演克里斯·巴克(Chris Buck)和珍妮弗·李(Jennifer Lee)制作#《冰雪奇缘2》。”

Variety reports that the exciting news was announced during the Walt Disney Company's shareholders meeting in San Francisco, which takes place every year.


Pixar and Disney Animation boss John Lasseter revealed the sequel is happening alongside Josh Gad and Bob Iger, the company chairman and CEO.

皮克斯(Pixar)和迪士尼的老板约翰·拉塞特(John Lasseter)透露,乔什·盖德(Josh Gad)和公司主席、首席执行官鲍勃·伊格尔(Bob Iger)正在筹划续集。

Josh, who voices lovable snowman Olaf and is confirmed to reprise the role, was quick to share the news with his 121,000 Twitter followers. He posted: 'THATS RIGHT. #Frozen2 IS COMING!!!'


Kristen Bell, the voice of Princess Anna, celebrated by sharing a photo which showed her resting her head on a bag of ice. 'Dreams really do come 2!!! #FROZEN2 #itsofficial,' she captioned the shot.

安娜公主(Anna)的配音员克里斯丁·贝尔(Kristen Bell)分享了张她休息时枕着冰袋的图片来庆祝,图片下写着:“梦想成真!#《冰雪奇缘2》真的来了!!#官方消息。”

Her husband Dax Shepard tweeted: 'Congratulations to that most talented and most deserving wife of mine @IMKristenBell. Frozen 2!!!!!! More Frozed!'

她的丈夫戴克斯·夏普德(Dax Shepard)发推说:“恭喜最有才华和最有功劳的老婆#克里斯丁贝尔!《冰雪奇缘2》!让冰雪来得更猛烈点儿!”

The tweets suggested Kristen will be back in the role of Anna, and it would be very surprising if any of the central cast-members did not return for the sequel.


It's certainly a bankable decision for Disney. The first movie, released in November 2013, raked in close to an eye-watering $1.3billion at the box office.


Although it has only just been made official, Idina Menzel, who voices Queen Elsa and sang the film's already iconic hit Let It Go, said a second Frozen offering was on its way in November.

虽然官方刚公布了消息,但是艾尔莎(Elsa)女王配音者和电影大热主题曲《随它吧》(Let It Go)演唱者伊典娜·门泽尔(Idina Menzel)称《冰雪奇缘2》的工作在11月份就来了。

When asked in an interview with the UK’s The Guardian about what she would say regarding rumors of a sequel and a stage musical, the Broadway star said: ‘That they’re all in the works.’


While a release date for the movie has not yet been announced, in the meantime fans can enjoy short film Frozen Fever, which comes out on March 13.





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