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想必大家对美味的马卡龙都没有能力抵御吧,美味而可爱的马卡龙, 但大家知道马卡龙日吗?

A macaron (/ˌmɑːkəˈroʊn/ mah-kə-rohn; French pronunciation:[makaʁɔ̃]) is a French sweet meringue-based confection made with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food colouring. The macaron is commonly filled with ganache, buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two biscuits (cookies). The name is derived from the Italian word macarone, maccarone or maccherone, the Italian meringue.

马卡龙(/ˌmɑːkəˈroʊn/ mah-kə-rohn;法语发音:[makaʁɔ̃])是一种以调和蛋白为基础原料的法式甜点,主要由鸡蛋清,糖粉,砂糖,杏仁粉或者杏仁霜,以及食用色素制成。通常在两块饼干之间夹有巧克力酱,奶油乳酪或果酱等内馅。它的名字来源于意大利单词 macarone, maccarone or maccherone,一种意大利甜点。

The confection is characterised by smooth, squared top, ruffled circumference (referred to as the "foot" or "pied"), and a flat base. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth. Macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavors that range from the traditional (raspberry, chocolate) to the new (foie gras, matcha).


Several French cities and regions claim long histories and variations.


Macarons d'Amiens, made in Amiens, are small, round-shaped biscuit-type macarons made from almond paste, fruit and honey, which were first recorded in 1855.


The city of Montmorillon is well known for its macarons and has a museum dedicated to it. The Maison Rannou-Métivier is the oldest macaron bakery in Montmorillon, dating back to 1920. The traditional recipe for Montmorillon macarons remains unchanged for over 150 years.

法国蒙特莫里隆城因为它的马卡龙而著名,那里还有一座马卡龙博物馆。Rannou-Métivier公司是 蒙特莫里隆城里历史最悠久的马卡龙生产者,可以追溯至1920年。 蒙特莫里隆城的马卡龙配方至今未变,保存了有150年之久。

The town of Nancy in the Lorraine region has a storied history with the macaron. It is said that the abbess of Remiremontfounded an order of nuns called the "Dames du Saint-Sacrement" with strict dietary rules prohibiting the consumption of meat. Two nuns, Sisters Marguerite and Marie-Elisabeth are credited with creating the Nancy macaron to fit their dietary requirements. They became known as the 'Macaron Sisters' (Les Soeurs Macarons). In 1952, the city of Nancy honored them by giving their name to the Rue de la Hache, where the macaron was invented.

法国洛林地区的南锡城有一段关于马卡龙的有名历史。传说,雷米雷蒙修女院的院长创立了一套叫做"Dames du Saint-Sacrement"的修女规矩,这套规矩在饮食方面相当严格,禁止吃肉。两个修女Marguerite 和Marie-Elisabeth据说创造了南锡马卡龙以满足她们饮食上的需要。她们以“马卡龙姐妹”而著名。1952年,南锡城为了纪念她们,以她们的名字命名Rue de la Hache,也就是马卡龙的诞生地。

In Switzerland the Luxemburgerli (also Luxembourger) is a brand name of confectionery made by the Confiserie Sprüngli inZürich, Switzerland. A Luxemburgerli is a macaron comprising two disks of almond meringue with a buttercream filling. Luxemburgerli are smaller and lighter than macarons from many other vendors. It is said to be lighter and more airy in consistency. Flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, stracciatella (chocolate chip), caramel, hazelnut,champagne, amaretto, chestnut, mocha, cinnamon, lemon, mandarin, and raspberry. Many flavors are seasonal. The shelf life is three to five days, refrigerated.

在瑞士,Luxemburgerli (也叫做Luxembourger)是位于瑞士苏黎世,由 Confiserie Sprüngli创办的糕点品牌。Luxemburgerli是一种由两片杏仁粉面饼夹奶油乳酪的马卡龙。Luxemburgerli比别的马卡龙更小更轻。据说它们更轻更薄。 Luxemburgerli马卡龙的口味有:香草味,巧克力味,巧克力脆皮味,焦糖味,榛果味,香槟味,杏仁酒味,板栗味,抹茶味,肉桂味,柠檬味,橘子味以及树莓味。很多口味都是季节性的。在冷藏的情况下保质期是三到五天。

Macarons are popular in South Korea, pronounced as "ma-ka-rong" in Korean. Green tea powder or leaves can be used to make green tea macarons.


Macarons in Japan are a popular confection known as "makaron". There is also a version of the same name which substitutes peanut flour for almond and is flavored in wagashi style, widely available in Japan.

马卡龙在日本被叫做 "makaron",也是一种流行的糕点。有一种版本也叫马卡龙,但是用花生粉代替了杏仁粉,是和果子口味的,在日本广泛流行。

On an global level, March 20 celebrates "Macaron Day". Created in 2005 in Paris by la Maison Pierre Hermé, it is a tradition that spread across the world. On this day, participating bakeries and macaron shops around the world offer customers one free sample macaron. A percentage of all additional macaron sales is donated to a local charity.